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Right now anti-choice groups are bombarding MPs and their electorate with misinformation. Can you help show your local MP that you - like the majority of Queenslanders - want them to stop criminalising women's healthcare decisions?

Click the "Email Tips" link below for suggestions on what to include in your email.


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Here are our tips for putting together a quick and effective email, because we know personal emails from voters have more impact than copy and pastes:

  • Introduce yourself - Explain where you live and why you care about this issue. If you voted for your MP at the last election or have another personal connection to them, be sure to mention that. You don't need to write Dear XX... the system will automatically add in your MPs name
  • Explain the reason you're emailing - Let them know you're emailing to urge them to vote "yes" to the two Bills before parliament to decriminalise abortion. 
  • Share why you care about this issue. You may want to mention:
    • The current system is outdated, and clearly not working. You might want to refer to the fact that the Australian Medical Association Queensland has said that the current laws are "a barrier to a doctor's first duty - best patient care"
    • Current laws mean some women are being turned away from public hospitals and struggling to access appropriate service support
    • The importance of access to full reproductive healthcare for women trying to escape abusive partners
    • The current laws make it hard for women in rural and regional areas to access reproductive healthcare  
    • The new system proposed for Queensland is very similar to the current system in Victoria, which has been in place for almost 10 years
  • Let them know if this is an issue that will affect your vote. We know this is an extremely important issue to many people. If your MP's vote on this issue will affect your vote at the upcoming election, be sure to let them know.  
  • Thank them for their time and consideration.
    (We'll add your name and address details at the bottom)